Diagnostics and Electrical problems


    • Plug in checks from £10
    • Engine Management Light
    • Airbag Light
    • Misfiring Problems (Coil Packs, Injectors etc)
    • Sensor Faults (Cam shaft sensor, engine speed sensor etc)
    • E.C.U Remapping (Chip, superchip etc)
    • Key Coding
    • Injector Coding

Electrical Problems:

    • Faulty Alarms
    • Window Problems (Regulators and Motors)
    • 12v power supply (cigarette lighter)
    • Radio Fitting
    • Radio Coding


We only use the latest software on the best diagnostics machines available and our auto electricians are fully qualified. Our Mechanics are fully qualified in using equipment and diagnosing faults efficiently. We have many years of experience when it comes to dealing electrical problems. You can contact us for a free quote on 0161 860 7750